Zenith Launched New Heritage Star 33 mm Ladies Watches

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With escalating requirements for accessories, jewelry is no longer able to meet their needs, but watches has become a very important force in this decoration. From the beginning of the pursuit of gorgeous novel appearance, and now focuses on the technical aspects of the research and development, ladies watches has embarked on a top watch away. Zenith recently launched a new Zenith Heritage star 33 mm ladies watches, each one designed small minds are showing consideration for the perfect female friend.
1970 can be said to watchmaking and watch market revolutionary new era of reform. As the popularity of quartz watches, many watch factory disappear. Zenith also failed to escape the robbery, in 1972 mergers and acquisitions by the US-led color TV manufacturers ZENITH Radio Chicago. Three years later, ZENITH mechanical movement to suspend production, tools and mechanical parts are preserved.
In July 1978, Zenith was bought by the Swiss industrialist Castella (Paul Castella), and renamed ZENITH Movado Le Locle Ltd.. Quartz watch was still in its heyday, but the visionary watchmaker has foreseeable traditional watchmaking industry will make a comeback.
It can be said as time settling Zenith has been registered for a dedicated 300 patents, of course, the brand from the beginning attached great importance to the development of ladies watches can be said that when the true power is to understand a woman's table.
In line with constantly better ourselves endlessly to create classic ladies watch Heritage star 33 mm watch has a rich retro style, this watch with pillow-type design, material side is stainless steel and rose gold as an alternative. In fact, in size designer or under the foot of the mind, in order to better reflect the shape and petite feminine feel, this watch even more than before with a small table diameter 33mm, thickness of only 9.45 mm side. Watch itself is equipped with a 681 self-winding movement, the disk with diamonds inlaid twelve time scale for the whole considerably, nine o'clock, small seconds dial is compact, the entire watch can say all embody women's unique charm.