To buy a Rolex vs. Omega watch?lets Debate.

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First, try not to buy “timepieces.” Watches are much more practical. Rolex bothers you precisely because it makes watches, not timepieces. Rolex is the brand that timepiece-lovers love to hate, and in this regard it’s a victim of its own success. It’s seen on yahoos and hoi polloi and other assorted barbaroi the world over, and many of those wearing them are morons with an inexplicable obsession with misogynistic Scottish character actors or the need for some exogenous testosterone. The problem is that Rolex makes very good watches. By the hundreds of thousands, yes, but they’re very good watches. Movement quality is, from a performance standpoint, nothing short of superb — the envy of the rest of the benighted industry, in point of fact. And their resolute refusal to do anything more than laughably incremental changes to their core products has a certain stubborn charm.
There are, however, worrying signals emanating from Rolex’s Death Star-esque edifice in Plan-les-Ouates. They seem to be confusing getting bigger with getting better, which is not a mistake I ever thought they’d make. Fortunately, there are still a few reasonably sized models at stockists ‘round the world. If you choose to wear one, it will be because you want a watch — not a bloody “timepiece,” we have enough of those already — and because you are enough of a grown-up not to give a toot or a tinkle what other people think.
If you choose the Speedmaster, go with the plain-Jane, solid caseback Moonwatch. Do you want something that milks a legend or do you want the legend itself? The co-axial escapement is a brilliant conception, but there are better choices from Omega if that’s what floats your boat.
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