The secret of New Patek Philippe emperor 5175 Case

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May 1, 1839, now world famous Patek Philippe watch company was founded, so far has been 175 years. The average life expectancy of Chinese enterprises 2--3 years, German companies for 12 years. A company can survive 175 years does not fall, and still strong at the top of an industry is simply a miracle.  New Patek Philippe emperor 5175 Case 175 on behalf of a century plus a half century plus a quarter of a century, significance. During the celebration of hundreds of Patek Philippe launched a number of new, such as the new patek philippe moon phase watch 5575 and 7175 world, the new chronograph 5975 and 4675, the new Cyclops jump word from the Ming watches 5275 and so on, one of the most remarkable is no doubt that the launch of the new table imperial GrandmasterChimeRef.5175. The highlight of this event and the 5175 occupied the headlines of the world watches. Exclusive here to tell you about, the new emperor 5175 story behind those. movement of Patek Philippe emperor 5175 Turned before lefthand watch large complex models, such as Patek Philippe in 1989 to commemorate 150 years of watch features, while more than 89, but the size is huge, even up to 0.4 kg weight, his pockets are also heavy. To the 5002 era table 42.8mm diameter, 12.61mm thickness has no problem actually worn. One problem highlighted is that in order to fully demonstrate the complex wristwatch features limited functionality, Patek Philippe watches 5002,6002 super complex are double-sided design, there is only one side attached to the wrist to show out. 5175 an attractive feature is that with 214 component parts of the case of innovation, to achieve a two-way rotation, so that each side can be double-sided upward displayed, it is very innovative and thoughtful design. And this rotation lugs on the golden eagle with very Furama US, the use of such a design table diameter 47.4mm, 16.1mm thick hands of 5175 with absolutely arrogant, even opposite the King may also be moved. Here to tell you the exclusive Patek Philippe new bi-directional rotating case Swiss patent CH705240, application on July 15, 2011, inventor ERICLE GALL. Agencies on both sides of the watch also has a rotating display what others did, Patek Philippe patent which would contrast the other three companies made design, such as the famous watchmaker LOISEAUDOMINIQUE (former Ruishilaxia Shaode Fang (La Chaux-de-fonds) International Technology Museum watches ((Musée Internationald''Horlogerie) rehabilitation department heads, Jacques de Jacquet Droz's LaMusicienne mechanical man is he registered repaired) PCT World Patent in September 4th, 2007 filed WO2009030984. Before mechanism design famous watchmaker rotating case of LOISEAU, there is the biggest problem nailing into the case is to put these designs rotating mechanism fixed to the case, to open the case to get through the hole, in the case fixed pin inside. This is nothing for an ordinary watch. But for such a large complex models 5175 case inside the space is very limited, in order to fix the strap inside plus pin completely intolerable. And the opening of the case hole has a great influence on the design of the waterproof case. Patek Philippe replica is designed with two screws rotating mechanism fixed to the outer case, not open holes do not take up space inside the case.