Tasting The New Roger Dubuis Star Watch

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Roger Dubuis is the only one in all production processes which are through the Geneva Seal certified watchmakers, can be said to be the pinnacle of the existence of advanced watchmaking can be said is a bit masochistic, Roger Dubuis has a perfect sophisticated production units, using the most stringent standards of the Geneva Seal complex cutting-edge technology and components, today we will bring everybody a Roger Dubuis latest Star watch, watch the official model: RDDBEX0489. This is a Star watch, launched at the January 2015 of the new Geneva Watch Fair watch, the watch is equipped with Roger Dubuis unique tourbillon device, and watch the many inlaid with diamonds the technology and art as a whole. roger dubuis tourbillon star watch In the craft skeleton watch category, Roger Dubuis garde movement which over the years through the production of professional skills acquired on its head, to reflect the brand's unique vision for the creation of hollow. Today, these brands will be more full of innovative spirit and the extraordinary creativity of the hollow process extends beyond the movement to create a hollow of the case, the rim and pointers. This is a watch with hollow design for the whole, pierced flying Roger Dubuis tourbillon timepiece is one of the 2015 launch of the new, the hollow art on its head, as if the car is equipped with advanced engines and raw power charming roadster body has opened up a new direction of travel. This is full of technical, outdoor spirit and style of the watch car showing a three-dimensional visual effect of multi-level structure, and having to highlight the diversity of sports style styling features. Roger Dubuis interstellar hollow showing unique star hollow movement contemporary design, the construction of multi-level to create wonderful subtle three-dimensional visual effects, and the complex mechanical, functional and refined aesthetics perfect combination. This superb achievement of these hollow movement reborn thanks to the design and development of the way, and not just be hollow processed on existing movement. Watch with a crocodile leather strap, black silk sewing. Watch clasp 18K white gold diamond used to build the luxury in the end. Watch clasp is adjustable folding clasp set with baguette-cut diamonds. This is a watch with a full-hollow disk design, the unique shape of the disk mounted on the satellite is a major feature of the watch, and the mosaic square diamonds mounted on the star shape, a square is far greater than the value of diamonds round diamonds. And then watch the 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock position with two tourbillon device. Roger Dubuis replica Watch for RD01SQ hollow interior equipped with decorative double tourbillon movement, a total of 319 parts, the production time of up to 1200 hours, including 360 hours to meet the stringent requirements of the Geneva Seal, flying tourbillon attached double differential gear; Tuo flywheel framework set at 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock and between 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock; each wheel revolution per minute; after six azimuth precision-tuned, providing 48 hours of power reserve.