Tag Heuer Monaco – a Legend Story over 40 years

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TAG Heuer witnessed the perfect combination of the car and watch from the first time and through constant development, TAG Heuer chronograph will be racing toward unprecedented pinnacle of luxury. Through with the best teams, drivers and racing long-term cooperation, TAG Heuer undoubtedly occupied the world's top sports chronograph Heights.Tag Heuer Monaco is one of the most iconic chronograph watches on the market today. After more than 40 years of existence it is still probably the coolest watch money can buy. Introduced in 1969 honoring the famous Monaco Grand Prix, it was the first automatic and first square cased chronograph, but its rise in cool factor can be thanked to American actor Steve McQueen who used it in legendary 1971 movie Le Mans.
To better prepare Steve McQueen for the role of the racing driver, McQueen sought out advice from his friend, real racing driver, Jo Siffert. At the time Siffert was spokesperson for Heuer and Gulf Oil. McQueen requested Siffert to lend him his racing suit which was in Gulf Oil orange and blue colors with embroidered “Cronograph Heuer” crest. To complete the look McQueen opted for the newly introduced Calibre 12 Monaco.
And then look at the brand new TAG Heuer Monaco Automobile Club de Monaco Black Edition.Heuer made very few of them. It's a new black Monaco, but not a terribly faithful homage. In fact, it seems to have almost nothing to do with the historic PVD Monaco of the 1970s. It is called the TAG Heuer Monaco Automobile Club de Monaco Black Edition, a limited edition for the motoring club of Monaco. The case is coated in titanium carbide, and unlike the historical collections, it reads "TAG Heuer" on the dial instead of just "Heuer. " That alone indicates this isn't an homage at all.
To commemorate its 40th anniversary Tag Heuer replica reissued this iconic blue dial timepiece named Tag Heuer Monaco Classic in a limited series of 1000 pieces. Another limited edition was issued that emphasizes the relationship with the Gulf Company and has the Gulf logo and orange and blue stripes on the dial. Today Monaco series is made in variety of styles, colors, with different strap materials, both chrono and non chrono versions and even a lady’s model.