TAG Heuer grand Carrera Calibre 80 CH chronograph

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Located in the world famous watch--Swiss Jura region of the TAG Heuer, which has a hundred years of watchmaking experience and sophisticated tabulation technology, well into the real Swiss tabulation pioneer. From TAG Heuer two precision chronograph movement, with its classic sign design by watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs favor. The first chronograph movement is Calibre 1887 movement. This movement by TAG Heuer replica in Switzerland La Chaux de fonds and Chevenez of watchmaking workshop is responsible for the production and assembly. The movement was released in 2009, with great precision and known. In commemoration of Edouard Heuer in 1887 invented and patented the "wobble gear", TAG Heuer will this movement named "Calibre 1887". Since the release date, Calibre 1887 movement was widely acclaimed, and won the watchmaking industry experts praise, in 2010 the "Geneva watches Award" and won the Petite Aiguille. In 2013, TAG Heuer released second chronograph movement -- "Calibre CH 80" movement. TAG Heuer R & D team based on developing the Calibre 1887 movement experience, just two years time to successfully develop the new movement, to a powerful and unconstrained style like the dream become a reality. In 2013 November, TAG Heuer released the internal code named 1969 new chronograph movement "Calibre CH 80", where "CH" represents the core production base is located in Switzerland -- Chevenez of watchmaking workshop, storage time and the "80" represents the movement of up to 80 hours. TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre CH 80 movement has 233 components, the thickness of only 6.5 mm, design with vertical clutch mechanism to ensure that its has a long power reserve and precision timing. Core vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour (4 Hz), the daily range of error is 4/6 seconds. A new member of the TAG Heuer series of Calera -- Calera Calibre CH 80 chronograph is equipped with the most advanced TAG Heuer from Calibre CH 80 movement, not only the table body is thin, but also have hitherto unknown power for up to 80 hours of storage. The ultra-thin movement and exquisite appearance design for Calibre CH 80 Chronograph a retro feel, but rely on the central hand, small pointer arrow, table circle of inner ring, the crown and the minute wheel first 1/4 red dot, and the integration of some movement of the element, highlights the indissoluble bound with TAG Heuer the world motor sport over the years. Consists of a perforated calfskin leather strap with the red in twentieth Century seventy racers wore gloves each other, brought the fashion color. Polished steel case and multi table ears and sapphire crystal glass back bottom cover with perfectly together. Through the sapphire crystal glass back bottom cover, and can observe and feel TAG Heuer new Calibre CH 80 movement was fine with the surging power.