Tag Heuer Carrera MIKROGRAPH And Tag Heuer Monaco V4 For Christm

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For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer continued to break the shackles of time, the pursuit of the ultimate precision, complex movement in the field chasing the limits of time, making today the only 1/10 sec, 1/100 sec, 1/1000 seconds are of 1/2000 seconds chronograph brand capability. And this year Tag Heuer launched the first magnetic Tourbillon Chronograph - can be accurate to 1/100 sec MikroPendulumS 1/100, then shocked the global watchmaking industry. In 2004, the birth of the Tag Heuer Monaco V4 revolutionized the watchmaking tradition , which pioneered the drive belt in order to replace the traditional mechanical watches are indispensable gear. Successful use of a belt drive to replace the traditional mechanical watch in the pinion and gear shaft . This eclectic technical masterpiece , changed the concept of the watches, with unmatched quality not only reflect the elegance of luxury Swiss watchmaking tradition , will also be to overturn this tradition . Bold design masterpiece once again demonstrates the Declaration , TAG Heuer leading design innovation. This new transmission efficiency by the transfer of five prominent micro serrated belts , whose tension is controlled by the two turnbuckles . High-tech polymer belts section thickness 0.07 mm , equivalent to the diameter of a human hair , more than any current thin belts at least 10 times more . Unlike traditional movement, this modular synchronous drive belt system without additional gear to transmit the power from one point to another point. This transmission by reducing vibration, movement can be optimized to achieve higher efficiency and easier to maintain and ensure the movement power transmission to any location , making it easy to add more complex features. The back of Monaco V4 decorated with Geneva corrugated plates are made of a high-resistance black ruthenium coating. Black coat with white dial engraved "V4" and "TAG Heuer" word perfect shine, and the impact of Steve McQueen wearing square Monaco watch the original models also evident, as TAG Heuer innovative spirit and DNA genes. The world's first integrated column-wheel mechanical chronograph - TAG Heuer CARRERA replica MIKROGRAPH 1/100 second chronograph, using a central pointer display 1/100 second, striking bright, clear and easy to read. La Chaux-de Fonds is responsible for the whole watch design, patent applications, development and manufacturing of "TAG Heuer luxury watches" , and also responsible for the production Monaco V4 watch, the main innovation is re-established 150 years, TAG Heuer grasp the extreme dominance of precision, speed and highly complex mechanical movement.