Rolex GMT MASTER-II Watches Reviewing

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Fifties of last century with the advent of the jet age, the rapid development of international routes, making the aircraft to cross several time zones in a short time, the pilots need to know the time in different locations on Earth (such as the time of departure and destination, local and Greenwich reference time), to comply with this demand,Rolex launched the GMT MASTER-II watch, even into several airlines, including the famous Pan American Airways (Pan Am) designation watch. For the demands to know both times at different locations on the planet, not just the pilots need, as we watch a cultural ambassador to regular Swiss exchange these same needs, which is the fundamental reason I chose GMT (Kelpie their functions before I dive training conducted do not have access), although it is the digital age, but to get time on the watch is still the most convenient way. Although according to the official website of the classification Rolex, Oyster watch a total of 20 series, but I still like these Oyster watch with a sporty look collectively referred to as professional Oyster series, this series is both the largest series of discussion, but also we are most I do not know what the series is easy to tangle members of the election, members of the family and indeed all equipped with giant poisonous nickname loud, which includes a probe, probe two, green needles (GMT), Lightning needle (Milguass), King of Ghosts, each goat (Submariner), Di (Cosmograph Daytona collectively), Y1 (yacht ) and Y2 (yacht II). As clocks practitioners, when I choose the watch is quite rational and objective, I chose a Rolex, is derived from 18 years to my understanding of the Rolex now, after so many years of understanding, Rolex impressed me the most It is the strict implementation of all the technical indicators are the highest industry standards and even beyond the highest standards. Let's start with this case, except Rolex Cellini, all watches are using a technique called Oyster's case, after 80 years, have not had any major changes, but in some detail To meet the changing times and doing the appropriate fine-tuning, so that we think it should be a professional watch like this, so now no matter which brand to launch sports watch, can more or less see the shadow of the Oyster ultimately proved no more big changes in the appearance of the watch, the more people will be sought after, another successful case is Panerai. Rolex Oyster case after 80 years of modeling in fact, the case has been fine-tuning, the bottom side of the case from the original straight into a slight arc, but also more integrated in contact lugs and bracelet, in fact, Rolex attaches great importance to ergonomics, weight table, while not light, but will feel the weight of the decomposition is in place after the band, not at all feel very heavy or fall hand, the longer the band you think it is already more part of your wrist. Crown can say one of the most important parts of our communication with the rolex gmt replica watch, and should be relied on when the transfer chain, Rolex know this, so the Rolex crown has always been a large and twisted cool is known, although the automatic table can Instead of manually on the chain, but when you are on the chain to its whim, you will find it very rewarding, because you find that your work is rewarding, unlike some tables, you screwed several times, can significantly needles are do not drive, and then on what Rolex is about to feel very real.