Rolex Day Date II Diamond Watch 218348A-82318 Reviewing

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Rolex Day Date II Diamond Watch created in 2008, the continuation of the unique traditional money week calendar type, it is the first ever to have complete week display watch. Calendar type II is available in a variety of languages to choose from, selected a different national leaders. A mechanical device to its artful can ensure that the days and dates can instantly jump, ensure that the Rolex watch high precision operation. Today we will bring you a Rolex Day Date II Diamond Watch, the official type: 218348A-82318. Rolex Day Date replica II is a symbol of noble and pure. The oyster shell 18K gold. The outer ring has triangular pit lines with high quality diamond. At the same time, fine surface of Day Date II has a series of different colors, different materials can be selected according to the need of the wearer's personality, taste. Waterproof to a depth of oyster shell up to 100 meters (330 feet), its unique middle watchcase to block of solid metal 18K gold cast. Triangular pit bottom cover with special tool Rolex watchmaker tightened, the case is completely sealed. On the list of crown Rolex patent double lock water system, can be firmly screwed to the case. Mirror with anti scratch blue crystal glass manufacturing. Oyster shell completely sealed to give Rolex movement precision the precision protection, from the water, dust, pressure and impact damage. Strap with semi ring three chip link especially for the 1956 launch of the oyster perpetual calendar type created. As the noble quality and comfortable wear timepiece representative, unique calendar watch not only in precious materials selected to create, and equipped with the bracelet carefully designed. In addition, the strap can be seen in some precious metal DATEJUST watches. The heads of state of both type strap assembly hidden crown belt buckle. Besides a small window display calendar,Rolex Day Date II Diamond Watch has an arc window in 12 position, which can display the full week. At midnight, watch display week calendar instantaneous and change at the same time, disk system control this function shows mechanical technology exquisite. Watch the diameter of 42 mm, the twelve o'clock position week display with 26 languages to choose from; convex type amplifying the calendar window can be enlarged 2.5 times calendar digital. The list of crown can be fast tuning week and date. Rolex replica Watch using entirely from Rolex self-developed 3156 automatic winding movement. The movement gained the Swiss official accreditation chronometer certification, the certification awarded to success by Swiss chronometer Testing Center (COSC) detection precision watches. With all the same oyster movement, the movement of the structure to ensure the reliability. There is nothing comparable to this.