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Mr. Roger Dubuis founded the original Hommage watches in 1995 in order to pay homage to their predecessors and watches and praised widely in the sense of traditional watchmaking industry. In the design section superior Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon watches chi Lou hand, the leadership of Mr. Gregory Bruttin its R & D department has decided to adopt a very simple shape to wrap movement to closer Hommage series traditional essence, and therefore contemporary aesthetics aside more space for interpretation. This Roger Dubuis Hommage replica new classic series engrave the beauty of art tradition on its head, reflecting the bold combination of tradition and modern technology. As brand representatives explained at the Roger Dubuis press presentation, the focus this year was on the Hommage collection, the line that best exemplifies classical watchmaking, and the evolution of the first watches introduced by brand founder and namesake Roger Dubuis nearly 20 years ago. The tagline of the Hommage collection is “Incredible Mechanics,” and the Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon represents that as well as a high level of traditional and contemporary decorative arts. Handcrafted by a 452 repair parts, with a power reserve of 50 hours in the new RD100 movement developed after numerous discussions, its production takes 1,200 hours - 360 hours of which are committed to achieve the Geneva Seal certification standards - and subsequently received a full six weeks of testing. So complete mechanical creation was inevitable appearance with excellent complement each other in order to achieve the effect. The new Roger Dubuis Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon watch is hand-hollowed perfect incarnation of this work, it looks very attractive show meter works when Roger Dubuis inner and outer beauty of its same given the fact that very high concern. Roger Dubuis’ latest creation features not “just” two flying tourbillons, the entire dial is a hand-guiloché piece of art. Or actually, there is no dial. The movement’s main plate features the hand-guilloché adornment. Usually guilloché is usually not as “deep” as this watch features. Its impressive “depth” is the result of passing the engine-turning tool across each notch or groove at least four times instead of the usual one or two! The size of each, and the pressure, must be carefully balanced so as to ensure an harmonious appearance. Slender lugs, sinking bezel, a large Roman numerals, with the crown and a unique folding clasp groove, this watch is not only with the usual series modeling features, but has also been given a series of elegant new element.