Reviewing Breitling Navitimer 01 Chronograph watches

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In the 1960s, Breitling witness the human conquest of the sky every glorious moment of history, known as "the world's aviation industry official supplier", its superior performance professional aviation count naturally got the favor of NASA . today will have a new Breitling Chrono watch aviation Comment. Watch the official model: AB012012/BB02/743P/A20BA.1. Currently in production of the latest Breitling Navitimer 01 Chronograph, continue to follow the 1952 design classic watches, Breitling exclusive ring with a slide rule, "aviation computer" boldness to show exhaustive. Watch carries an inexhaustible explore the world for half a century, adventurous spirit, extraordinary precision performance with classic timeless look - Aviation Chronograph Breitling watch astronauts: inscribed glory Legend Continues. Create a watch with stainless steel case, 43 mm diameter watch design , black dial and silver-white scales , pointers, in stark contrast to the small dial , making data legible , perfectly meet the needs of aviation professionals. 01 Breitling chronograph watch is the world's aviation Pilots Association (AOPA) with official schedule , the preferred global pilot's wrist , so that the "Star Pilot" John Travolta 's love at first sight . Born in 1952 , served 60 consecutive carrier aviation Breitling Chronograph "Navitimer", is undoubtedly the flight legendary mechanical chronograph is difficult to surpass. For a watch with a black alligator strap , sewn by white silk , soft and comfortable. Clasp used to build steel folding clasp, safe and convenient. " Breitling chronograph watch is timeless air until today, I still think she is the perfect watch , she never gets old , it never lost its appeal , always elegant, stylish and practical ." John Tel Volta commented her. Watch with 43 ​​mm diameter table design , luminous sword-shaped hands , luminous Arabic numerals time scale display , making data legible , perfectly fit the needs of aviation professionals. 3 o'clock small dial watch 30 minutes total drive time , 6 o'clock to 12 hours total time plate design . Breitling Navitimer 01 Chronograph Watch bezel uses serrated rotating bezel design, the distinctive features of this table is that you can easily and quickly complete all relevant operational flight , including an average flight speed, flight mileage, fuel consumption , climb or descent rate, etc. therefore favored by pilots , are used for the preparation and monitoring of flight. Watch with black crocodile leather strap and stainless steel folding buckle create table buckle engraved with Breitling classic LOGO. Breitling watches equipped with exclusive interior powerful " engine" - Breitling replica made ​​01 movement, called the world's best mechanical chronograph movement with automatic winding system and a two-way non- restricted speed adjustment calendar , power reserve up to 70 hours, more has stringent Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC). Rugged , accurate , reliable, full-featured , worthy of the "ultimate edition aviation chronograph ." Born in 1952 , served 60 consecutive carrier Breitling Chronograph "Navitimer", is undoubtedly the flight legendary mechanical chronograph is difficult to surpass. This is a 2012 launch of the new watch continues the design of the 1952 classic , like air , like aircraft friends can not miss this watch: