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Now Breguet is able to maintain a detached position in the watch world, I think the relationship between two individuals inseparable. One is its founder Mr. Abraham · Louis Breguet, the other is acquired Breguet Nicholas Hayek ago · G Swatch Group CEO. Mr. Breguet single-handedly create a classic number beyond the era, with many revolutionary innovations, such as the tourbillon, etc., but the display after Breguet's death, the brand has changed hands several times, there was decline trend, after 1999, when Nicolas Hayek, Swatch Group CEO, Mr. G, who took over from the investment firm Investcorp Breguet replica, Breguet himself as chairman of the board, the remedy in terms of product structure, movement manufacturing, marketing, operations, etc. revive the Breguet brand. The real return to the altar watch transcendent status is today, I think it is Tradition 7027 watch, today we'll bring Comment on this watch to everyone, the official model: 7027BR/G9/9V6. It should be said that for a 7027BR/G9/9V6 classic recycling, from the shape we can see this watch Breguet and prototype models of kinship No.3234. Breguet Tradition 7027 watch not only to retain the traditional structure of the 18th century Breguet pocket watch and gilt, sandblasting and other processing techniques, look bold design center barrel and drive train from the front of the dial, leaving Breguet consistently adhering to the classical beauty becomes intuitive visual experience. This 7027BR/G9/9V6 watch, originally hidden in the gear train structure watch all clearly placed on the watch dial. Furnished with No. 3234 is almost identical. This introduced today is 18K rose gold case with black disk design. The watch had another 18K rose gold and 18K white gold dial black dial models to choose from. Breguet Tradition 7027 watch is not only a classic recycling, and also reflects the classic Breguet features, such as the classic coin ornamentation, such as straight lugs designed to replace commonly used screw bolt spring rod, the strap is fixed at 2 between the lugs, which is not only beautiful but also a solid, welded lugs and bezel, ensure durable. Breguet Tradition 7027 watch with brown crocodile leather strap, brown silk sewing. Watch thickness 11.8 mm, thick. The advent of a successful 7027, so decided to made Breguet Tradition as ​​an extensive product line. At Basel 2012, the Breguet Tradition 7067 launched a watch, this is the fifth member of this family, and I believe that only such as Breguet traditional Kyo, the brand has a rich history of assets before do it. Breguet Tradition 7027 watch is equipped with an internal cal.507DR manual winding movement, movement diameter 32.6 mm, vibration frequency 21,600 times per hour, Breguet balance spring design, the full chain can provide 50 hours of power reserve.