Review Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Diving Watch

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They feel that we should recommend several diving watches in summer, before we decided to recommend we did a poll in our microblogging, every Editor recommend a diving watch, watching Which timepiece is the most popular, voting began, I thought to myself, I recommend the watch if not the first, it must be the second, and soon voting is over, I am pleased to see poll results to see before, I am still confident, but when I saw it, I almost fainted, this is not because of excitement, but because there's no body like the one I recommend, I was puzzled, so a deep background, superior appearance and delicate heart "high rich handsome", why not popular? Then I thought, or we know it least , so I decided to take a talk about my recommended this table: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean diving watch.
The first Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch was born in 2005, when I remember the big table just emerging trend, which not only conforms to the birth of that kind of trend, and the appearance of the design style can be said that the old state before the hippocampus wiped out, the most critical is that its main section of the bezel is also an extremely "Sao gas" orange, it is precisely because of this color, making it the year's most "tinkling Joseph" watch, a lot of people at that time into the table stores the first sentence is, I want orange circle.
Some people might ask, Omega has always been top priority is not to fashion, why then would choose such a "boom" and the colors jump? It is because of the orange reef sea Capri color.
Although this watch looks outstanding, but the movement still follows the old section of the hippocampus of the movement, which inevitably people may feel regret. However, in 2011, Omega in the picturesque island of Capri, Italy, released a comprehensive upgrade of the Seamaster Planet Ocean watch, upgraded Planet Ocean family, fully equipped with a revolutionary self-produced 85 series coaxial Omega 9300 launched a new movement or coaxial chronograph movement. Today, we say that this table is equipped with a 8500 movement.
Some people may ask, before you say orange circle since most tinkling se, then why not recommend Orange watches. Which is what I have to say the key, the current Planet Ocean bezel family 5 types: namely, blue ceramic Liquidmetal (liquid metal) alloy bezel, orange matt aluminum bezel, black or white ceramic and parquet diamond bezel. Because there is no developed orange ceramic ratio (should be soon), so when other marine universe are upgraded to the new ceramic bezel, it is still only the orange circle section aluminum bezel, as it is not ceramic, in the future it there may be scratched or fade happens, but this form of black ceramic bezel, you can make you without any worries.
The most critical is the latest Planet Ocean family are equipped with the 8500 movement, on the basis of the original Omega replica has conducted an upgrade, with a Si 14 silicon material gossamer, which not only make the watch antimagnetic performance greatly improved, more so when you go more accurate and reliable, therefore Omega watch which provides up to four years of service.