Review New Breitling Emergency II watches

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we are most familiar with watches have become accessories in a modern society , but it has highly functional requirements in areas of expertise. I believe everyone have the impression of ilderness survival programs on television, veterans Tony challenged to survive a variety of harsh environments in a show, while he is wearing Breitling Emergency timepiece, today there is the 2013 new upgraded version of Emergency II wonderful reviewing.

2013 Breitling launched a new Emergency II, to achieve unprecedented technical feat, is the world's first dual-band personal locator beacon (PLB) watch, complying with Cospas-Sarsat global satellite search and rescue system specific requirements transmitter can simultaneously transmit distress signal and guide the positioning and rescue.

The New Emergency II oversized watch using 51 mm diameter titanium case, relative to the size of the first generation of 43 mm in the design of this time there is a substantial increase, which is based on the function with the demand. Also watch does offer three colors for consumers to choose from.

Breitling Emergency II of the large research institutions, which lasted five years, research and development, because in the field of microelectronics and micro technology has a number of innovations have attracted much attention, including the design and development specifically for this watch the three configurations: dual miniature transmitters, a revolutionary new built-in antenna and rechargeable battery system, is worthy of the high-tech flagship watch.

Breitling Emergency II is not only a personal survival tool, but also a love of adventure for professionals and provide many other useful features electronic chronograph, including: 12/24 hours of analog and digital display, timing accuracy 1/100 sec, alarm, countdown timer, second time zone display, calendar display and multi-language display remaining battery power. Watch with quartz movement accurate than ordinary 10x super Breitling SuperQuartzTM temperature compensated quartz movement, and has a representative of the highest precision and reliability benchmarks Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC). On the whole it can be called a miracle in the history of watchmaking!

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