Replica Breguet Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel 3795

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Breguet watch always means the most refined and elegant, although Classique series has included a variety of calendar watch, Breguet watchmakers still decided to create a new style that Classique 3795 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar watch, its dial to create a sophisticated stealth hollow dial, as show a perspective view of the complex structure like the movement.


 Breguet Classique 3795 watch called micro-mechanical field truly "advanced customization", which has a lace effect Itabashi carved exquisitely demonstrate Breguet virtuosity. In this new medium, Breguet watchmakers have demonstrated particularly focusing on natural scale, to ensure that their intake to bring out the charm of the watch. Breguet unique creative by adding a third dimension, the hour and minute hands scale display front, this time setting easier to read, but also other information on the dial at a glance. 3795 sapphire watch by installing a piece of eccentric round dish on a flexible bracket, ingenious achieve the above functions. Non-transparent character Roman numeral scale ring when combined with hollow "moon-shaped" tip Breguet blue steel hands, you can clearly and quickly display the time. Beneath the sapphire disk is decorated with Paris nail pattern dial, and a semi-circular retrograde calendar display.

 Breguet Classique 3795 watch six o'clock position one minute tourbillon with the symbol circle cleverly combined. Its bridge is still beautifully chamfered, also set up a three-axis pin small seconds. Week display at 9 o'clock position, decorated with wave pattern, movement built-in scroll cam helps weeks instantaneous jump. Month display through the blue steel pointer indication at 3 o'clock position of the dial, and decorated with solar radiation pattern, March 3 digit display panel "Blue Sun" as a leap year.

Breguet Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel 3795


Glance inside the world can watch through the sapphire crystal case back, transparent design, so that the entire tourbillon vividly before us. Skilled watchmaker Breguet retouching techniques give new life carved ornamentation, nuanced carving seemed to compose its rotating tourbillon dance rhythm.

In addition to outstanding performance in terms of artistry and design, Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel 3795 Classic Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar watch also has the classic features of dollars when the same strain of Breguet. Case with roses made of gold or platinum, side decorated with exquisite coins Microhyla independent lugs welded to the screw bolt fixing. Hand engraving machine engraved dial flowers, individually numbered, blue steel hands and hidden signatures are Breguet watches glance logo.

With a sapphire case back allowing for a view of the beautifully decorated movement, this Grande Complication is water resistant to 30 meters and features a Power Reserve of 50 hours. Fitted with a black leather strap with a platinum triple blade folding clasp, The Breguet Classique Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel 3795 was certainly a favorite from this year’s Breguet novelties.

3795 classic series the tourbillon perpetual calendar watch technical parameters of

number: 3795 pt / 1 e / 9 wu

case: PT950 platinum, outer coin grain carving, sapphire crystal table bottom cover, 41 mm in diameter, welding type table ear to screw bolt is fixed, waterproof depth of 30 meters,

dial: 18 k gold plated silver material, through hollow out processing.With separate Numbers with breguet's signature.Round on a plate with a Roman numeral scale ring, sapphire with hollow out & other;Only & throughout;Pinpoint the breguet LanGang pointer.12 points with retrograde date display, 9 points have ephemeris, according to three point shows a leap year cycle.The small second hand in tuo fly on the wheel and axle.

movement: movement on the manual chain, with the tourbillon and calendar.With the words engraved individually numbered and BREGUET CAL. 558 qp3.14 & frac12;Method points, 21 rubies.50 hours power storage.Lateral capture longitudinal institutions lever, breguet balance spring, farmar torsion pendulum.Vibration frequency of 2.5 hz.6 party set-up.

band: leather material, match folding clasp.

Otherwise rose gold:

model 3795 br / 1 e / 9 wu