Oris Release Carl Brashear Limited bronze diving watch

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Swiss watchmaker Oris launched the brand's first bronze replica oris diving watch, to commemorate the Navy's first black diver - Carl Brashear legendary life. Oris Carl Brashear Limited bronze diving watch In 1948, 17-year-old Brashear joined the Navy. He broke racial boundaries in the Navy, in 1954 graduated from the Navy diving course. Unfortunately, a serious accident occurred in 1966 Brashear tasks involved in the salvage of the hydrogen bomb, had his left leg amputated below the knee. But he did not want redeployment back office work, after painstaking rehabilitation period, 1968 Brashear divers finally recover the duties. In 1970, he became the Navy's first African-American history long dive. In 1979, after 30 years of distinguished career Brashear retired from the Navy. In 2006, 75-year-old Brashear passed away. 2000 movie "Men of Honor" that is based on his legendary life as the prototype, the movie plays Brashear is Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. This is the launch of the first Oris diving watch bronze, in the 1950s, is commonly used for deep sea diving bronze helmet manufacturing. The Oris Carl Brashear Limited bronze diving watch aesthetic inspired Divers Sixty-Five watches, expanded to 42 mm in diameter. Bronze was originally bright and shiny, and gradually darken after the reaction of carbon dioxide and water vapor, which means that over time, will produce 2,000 pieces of limited edition watch different patina, and establish a unique relationship with their wearer .