New Corum Golden Bridge watch for Christmas Day

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Corum combines with the famous Golden Bridge watch, first introduced black ceramic style, the unique structure of its outstanding interpretation in more detail. Case in hailed as one of the most solid materials - ceramics by the system, and the complex structure of elongated movement embraced each other and show subtle chemical effects of technology improvements and pure art. A whole shape of the ceramic case the lens needs to be approximately 980 times atmospheric pressure into a mold, is an extremely difficult process. The first challenge is to ensure that the production process uniformly distributed materials to avoid rough surface, and then into a furnace heated to 160 ° C firing 30 seconds, so there was still a lot of tiny holes in the material harder. After this step, the ceramic volume will shrink by about a third to reach 34 × 51 millimeter sized target. To do this accurately, you need to fully grasp the firing time, because a few seconds deviation may bring excessive contraction, so the case is too small to accommodate the movement. Ceramic injection of Golden Bridge watch aesthetic lightness highly accurate watch in the process, the movement of the elongated slender lines extending in an elegant tonneau case of . This special mechanical structure first created in 1980 , quickly become a symbol of the Swiss Corum replica watch industry , its unique structure cleverly linear momentum transfer to meet the requirements for the watch industry in absolute masterpiece . While perfectly pure ceramic Golden Bridge watch more crown at 6 o'clock position , if allowed on CO113 manual winding movement stretch out . Refining system is equipped with a sliding winding watch , you can avoid excessive impact on the refining movement, while the gear and pinion is mounted between the motherboard and the clip Itabashi , this ingenious structure allows a special clutch on refining and time adjustable separately. Abandon the classical scale indication or three-pin line design , the watch movement is equipped with variable inertia balance wheel , to ensure that the watch to keep accurate time . 4 He trillion movement frequency ( 28,800 vibrations per hour ) , the power reserve of 40 hours , clip Itabashi has two pillars to strengthen and consolidate , so watch more accurate. Elongated movement placed inside a black ceramic case, surface, watch back and sides of sapphire crystal glass, 360-degree perspective of the linear movement of the structure. Located at the top of the clip Itabashi 5N18K rose gold manufacturing, top decorated with hand-carved Corum logo, decorated with flags around the slender scroll patterns, and these patterns depicting three grown at Corum Golden Bridge watch advent place in Switzerland La Chaux de Fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds) within the forest ferns, delicate hand; placed above the hollow rod pointer movement does not reveal the watch face is designed to make sense of permeability is more prominent , and elegant crocodile leather strap with black PVD coating clasp for the watch add a elegance. The new ceramic Golden Bridge Golden Bridge watch perfect interpretation of light and weightless, exquisitely carved aesthetics, the stunning spectacle of exciting pop up.