Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage 110714 at SIHH 2014

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Since Montblanc joined the Richemont Group, the brand's watch business in a global scale and get an overall improvement, the acquisition of the famous U.S. anti-China movement factory, and quickly build from there style of luxury watches products, like a dark horse in general, to enter a strong impact among the senior watch brands. Today, Montblanc Timewalker, stars, sports watches and other main public market, and Villair World Series is the flagship high-end watchmaking market, family style and positioning of distribution is very clear. In the just-concluded Geneva Salon Watches, Montblanc released a new Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Series. There are models in which ordinary calendar, moon phase models, perpetual calendar chronograph models and pulse detection instrument paragraph 4 different styles, today we have first come to tell you about one of the calendar models. Dial looks elegant and clean, located Montblanc word moon phase at 6 o'clock drive under very exquisite design, making the sector phase plate in conjunction with the other three discs on flawless, and highlights the beauty of symmetry.The displays of the Meisterstück Heritage Perpetual Calendar are harmoniously arranged on the dial: the date is shown at “3 o’clock”, the day of the week at “9 o’clock”, and the month at “12 o’clock”. On the inner scale of the month display, the leap-year cycle is shown by a blue triangle and a leap year is indicated by a red “4”. The moon’s phases are emulated in a window at “6 o’clock”; the moon’s age is indicated in days at this window’s upper edge. Calendar is being recognized as a watchmaking complication, and the "Almanac" The difference is that it can display information, including the date, including leap year correctly without manual adjustment on the basis, in theory this watch is completely You can run to the 2100 precision. A gold-plated hour-hand and minute-hand harmonize with the 39-mm-diameter case, which is crafted from 18 karat rose gold. A pane of sapphire crystal in the back offers a clear view of elaborately embellished self-winding Calibre MB 29.15. This new classic Montblanc replica wristwatch is affixed to a black alligator-leather strap with an 18 karat rose gold pronged buckle. The closure’s curved crosspieces harmoniously repeat the curvature of the watch’s case. This too is another of the many details that distinguish timelessly perfect design in full accord with the traditions of haute horlogerie. It has fast transfer function did not wear no matter how long the wearer, can be modulated precise time within 24 hours.