IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Chronograph at Basel 2013

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As one of the three tourbillon complex functions in R & D at the beginning, in order to counteract gravity pocket watch, accurate travel time to improve the role, because pocket watch is not worn on the wrist, but a long time in fine condition, the movement the escapement is maintained in one direction, because the effect of gravity, for a long time to go will inevitably affect the accuracy of travel time watch, Louis Breguet tourbillon invented by Mr. also in this a reason. Watch the House today gave everyone to bring a IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Chronograph, the official model: IW544601.
Although in the beginning stages of the tourbillon watch for precise control played a big role, but in nowadays Tourbillon watch for precise control in the end who can play a role in how much can not guarantee, because now watch this on worn on the wrist, with the person's wrist with the swing, so that the role of gravity for which the very small.
This is a three nations pin line Tourbillon Platinum 950 used to build, is a low-key luxury. The styles in addition to platinum models, there are rose gold watches and platinum watches to choose from. This watch case side with brushed treatment, beautiful and fashionable. Watch the match for a black crocodile leather strap, with a black silk sewn, soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist.
Watch the side we can see through the drawing process, beautiful and stylish, learned from official data which watch thickness of 12.3 mm. From the figure we can see that the side following a digital watch, 23/100, which indicates which watch limited edition 100, we shot this one was one of the first 23.
Watch the 9 o'clock position tourbillon device, from here we can see the functioning of the tourbillon watch, look at this balance wheel rotates, watching gossamer expand and tighten, had to marvel mechanical charm.
From this side we can clearly see the watch dial pattern settings, the watch uses unconventional norms needle design. Specification junior needle and the needle is different from the presence of small three-pin, although nowadays watches are the major junior needles and small three-pin-based, but a watch has chosen a unique needle design specification.
Watch equipped for Cal.98845 manual winding movement, is a special edition pocket watch movement, 28800 rpm per hour to run, using bronze alloy wheel designs, swing axle heart eccentric fine adjustment screws, which we are available through the sapphire crystal glass table base observation.