IWC Portuguese Sid é rale Scafusia wristwatch at World cup 2014

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The Swiss watch brand IWC replica is not really the stars off for you, but it can create a beautiful sky for you, will wear it on your wrist, to accompany you around. IWC Portuguese series Sid é rale Scafusia watch in case the bottom cover for you to customize an exclusive celestial map, specific locations chosen by you also become the base map and astronomical display, which means no matter where you go, you always have a sky belong to you . The case back cover in the sky disc clockwise or counterclockwise rotation (depending on the site is located in the northern or southern hemisphere). Showing that the stellar dynamics, and the selected coordinates are seeing real night scene. Coordinates longitude and latitude, global positioning system data, city or place name. It also includes a calendar. At first glance might be a bit confusing, but everything in order, you just need to learn how to read the information. This watch's calendar will now display the date as the actual number of days of the year. (for example: January 1st is the first day, December 31st is 365th or 366th days in a leap year.) With a dot in the red arrows within 24 hours of the outer ring shows the sun, and star symbol of the yellow arrow shows in inner ring of stars. The two is arranged at the outside of the red pointer, indicating that the site at the time of sunrise and sunset. In addition, in the daytime, evening and night, the sky the color will gradually turn dark. All the nations in the wristwatch has never been abroad is a combination of astronomy and the complex function of so many of the more than 140 years of brand history in the past, the nations also provides the special service, let the customer through the combination of countless, creation exclusive watch. Each case material, five different dial color, various inlaid type dial and strap color, as well as the band material, with more than 200 different designs for your selection, to create the one and only watch. Large dial Tourbillon of IWC Portuguese Sid é rale Scafusia wristwatch at 9 point range to occupy a dominant position, leave deep impression to the person. Although equipped with a tourbillon watch speaking of is not what happens, but this watch Tourbillon due to a combination of a constant power device, and in particular, it ensures that at least 48 hours and the average rate of accuracy. In constant power mode, small seconds once per second. Since then, the power to the normal mode, accelerated to beat every 1/5 seconds. And the upper frame Tourbillon with titanium metal production, rhodium plated nickel silver pendulum escapement wheel and splint to Handmade, the movement is spectacular. In addition to tourbillon, 12 point range dial is also equipped with a precise sidereal time, between 4 and 5 point range with power reserve display, movement can provide 96 hours of power reserve, of course, basic, display. But from the perspective of aesthetics, this watch is the most attractive international gives you a chance to let you can create a belongs to own the one and only watch.