IWC Mark XVI Spitfire Pilot - 'Father & Son' Special Edition|fff

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IWC watch createdthe first special edition pilot watches in 1936 , in these years, the pilot watch has been leading in the industry. Universal pilot watches are magnetically escape system and longitudinal contrast, luminous pointer and digital clearly and easy to read, so you can call it is really the pilot watches. Today I bring you a world of pilots watch film, is the official model: IW325519. This watch talked today, often let everybody IW500906 wrist watch and put it together on, watch of wrist of a father and son. This watch using stainless steel watchcase, sapphire crystal glass table mirror, rhodium plated surface plate design. IWC Mark XVI Spitfire Pilot - 'Father & Son' Special Edition watch for rhodium plated dial design, rhodium plating processing, can form the surface of the hard, wear-resisting, bright, and corrosion resistance is strong, the chemical stability are greatly improved, which can improve the reliability and service life of the product. Stainless steel watch ear and BiaoGuan design, through wire drawing processing, does not have some kind of aesthetic feeling. Through the observation, the thickness of a wrist watch for about at about 9 mm. Believe that many more people prefer such thickness. The IWC Mark XVI Spitfire Pilot - 'Father & Son' Special Edition watch carrying for elegant black alligator strap, soft and comfortable. Fine steel buckle buckle design, on the stainless steel buckles classic LOGO engraved with all the nations. Pin buckle buckle the biggest advantage is easy and convenient security. Watch of wrist of another side, polished stainless steel watch case more bright eye, stainless steel table ears the radian design very wrist joint, wear up very comfortable. Wrist watch sapphire crystal glass watch mirror the radian of I feel it is not very big, in this perspective we can see a little blue light reflection on the mirror wrist watch. I especially like the blue, I think this is the emotional catharsis wrist watch. IWC Mark XVI Spitfire Pilot - 'Father & Son' Special Edition watch has the rhodium plated dial, rhodium plated dial is easier to glance, that is we have a different perspective of the wrist watch dial will feel he alternately gray and white. Wrist watch 3 o 'clock position date display window, the wrist watch no complex functions, only has the function of date shows three stitches. But need to know is this a watch as well as the other pilots watch inside the machine core has a magnetically soft iron. This iwc replica watch internal carry a for CAL. 30110 automatic chain machine, technology and mark 16 exactly the same, with 42 hours power reserve.