Introducing Panerai Luminor 1950 series at Basel 2014

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As we all know Panerai watches series are Radiomir and Luminor, but we just think that the only difference between the two different serious mistake crown for the bridge, in fact, evolved from the Radiomir to Luminor also experienced a very long a 1950, Luminor was thoroughly complete evolution from the Radiomir. Then Luminor watches crown for the bridge and its unique, especially on the back, straight lugs with transitional pillow case so that the overall texture becomes very bottom of the watch there is hierarchy, which is the reason why so many people obsessed Luminor 1950 , above which is the origin of modern Panerai Luminor 1950 series. Similarly, the Panerai Luminor 1950 series will still be divided into two versions of historical and modern, let me say that the version of history, historical versions of the watch has a 44 mm diameter and 47 mm, to be honest I do not really recommend this series 47 mm this size, because this series with a straight lugs,after wearing the lugs will be out of your wrist, it is very awkward (this is the reason why I like the Radiomir). And 44 mm in size even though it can fit a wider crowd, but the series of 44 mm watches are all the more complex timing models, so from the perspective of approachable, we find from the 47 mm watches in it. This series of 47 mm watches are 372,422,423 and 557 launched in 2014, a southpaw, homegrown movement all for Panerai P3000 movement. I recommend these four models in 422, for the simple reason, Luminor 1950 points in addition to the family, as well as Base and Marina points, the difference between the two lies in the 9 o'clock position Marina is a small second hand and Base is number 9, these two I have been among those who tend to Marina, because I feel loved by the small second hand watches have been able to see or walk very pleasant, but only the big two 372-pin, but if some friends of resin sheet 372 (resin table mirror) especially cold, select it, no problem, it is important is their favorite, but I want to remind the resin film really intolerant program. The biggest feature of the modern version is the number 9 will be together with the small second, but I personally think it would be more elegant alone, in addition to all watch the tape version of the watch is 47 mm size, all the rest is 44 mm, so the version history can not find the right friends must watch to see here, we still approachable principle, the version I recommend three wristwatch, 312,351 and 392, respectively, may be to echo the theme of modern, so this version all watches are automatic movement, the movement of which these three are all equipped with the latest Panerai replica P9000 three days power reserve movement. Since the movement are the same, then we will talk directly from the appearance, we first look at 312 and 351, the size of these two watches are all 44 mm Panerai dial layout is also the most traditional classic match, the only difference is 312 stainless steel, 351 for the titanium material, in the end buy what kind of material is indeed a very tangled thing, very bright polished stainless steel is pulling the boom, but the quality and heavier materials are common. Titanium belongs to a new tabulation materials, light weight and scratch resistance reflects the Panerai latest technology strength, but because of the characteristics of titanium is not suitable for polishing, so 351 seems very low key, not very compelling.