Hublot Classic Fusion Cathedral Tourbillon Minute Repeater at 20

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It is this kind of insistence makes Hublot brilliant achievements in the field of self-produced movement. Hublot officially launched the Hublot Classic Fusion Cathedral Tourbillon Minute Repeater at Basel 2014, perfect show watchmaking art and exquisite balance between contemporary dynamic design. Classic Fusion 45mm diameter case, equipped with dual high complexity function movement, precision show the beauty of the fusion between the traditional and modern. Hublot since 2010 the first three questions Tourbillon cathedral since the advent of micro-mechanical engineers, watchmakers R & D team efforts, adhere to a comprehensive transformation and optimization of the movement. After 24 months of research and development, and finally completed this section of precision multi-function watch - Hublot fully inherited DNA, all the design, development, production work completed by Hublot. Through the sapphire crystal, chain mechanical movement with manual HUB8001 tourbillon escapement and three asked device is clearly visible. The most notable is the new time setting function design and classic tourbillon device (13.6mm diameter has a framework revolution per minute). In addition, the movement of the dial side of the deck structure designed to ensure the stability of the tourbillon operation. Splints, spine cams and springs, rack and hammers, gongs and the snail-shaped wheels, frames, gears, jewels, screws - watch up to 319 parts precision assembly that is decorative elements, constitute a unique beauty, auxiliary the rose gold or rhodium plated pointer with different case material, even more exquisite. Classic blend of three questions Tourbillon Hublot replica pinnacle, non-extreme process can not be made ​​of only a handful of watchmaking factory can match, the three asked the slider with the perfect fusion of the left ear of the watch, which means it is no longer as in the past only as a subsidiary, but to achieve perfect unity clever features and appearance. Hublot cathedral gongs for its extreme clarity tone gurus have long attracted the attention of appreciation. Meanwhile, it has up to 5 days power reserve and a water depth of 30 meters, this extraordinary achievement to make it popular with connoisseurs of all ages. In addition, the sound of the gong chime no longer rely on airborne, but through the case material resonate sound transmission. The wristwatch has a beautiful 45mm in diameter, and ruddy gorgeous visuals produced from Hublot King Gold (containing 5% platinum alloy), also in conjunction with the launch of titanium metal style.