Hublot Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono for 2014 FIFA

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This is the glory MOMENT OF 2014 FIFA World Cup ™ Brazil official WATCH! This is Hublot first launch Hublot Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono -- first with a central chronograph movement of Bi-Retrograde Chrono watch. This was the one and only new movement is Hublot engineer and watchmaker to salute the football world! At the same time to celebrate Hublot officially became the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup ™ official timing and official watches and to create special! All along, carrying the Hublot UNICO self movement watch series to become an independent school of watchmaking industry production process at. Design of integrated dial side column wheel and double standard clutch, become UNICO watch family foundation stone, and it shows UNICO movement superior flexibility. After 18 months of research and testing, a new automatic chain HUB1260 self-produced movement officially unveiled -- consists of 385 parts and has double inverse central chronograph function jump chronograph movement (vibration frequency of 4 Hz, 28800 times / per hour). Hublot watch is a core technology patent application. This is the current tab within the industry, the same type of watch only one of the core technology watch. This is Hublot launched the first double inverse jump chronograph watch (pointer can be an instant return to zero). When you press the button Chronograph timing, second hand and the minute hand from left to right in 45 minutes in a circular arc track start time, this is also the first game of football. Another 15 minutes, so that the whole time of 60 minutes. The crown is arranged on both sides of two time button, representing the timing start, stop and reset. The two o'clock position timing button will also be used for timing control 4 modes: the first half, half-time, the second half and the end of the game, and the twelve o'clock position of the window display. Meet another challenge the core design is power. This unusual display need more strong power, fast motion requirements movement with dynamic storage more powerful. After a long time of optimization and screening for excellent material and function, the current time display will not be affected by any, accurate, power consumption and friction to a minimum. Hublot Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono dial color inspiration from the World Cup host country -- Brazil -- the national representative color of yellow and green. This hublot replica watch with "Big Bang Unico" series of classic 45.5 mm diameter case, mechanical beauty shown fashion. Watch circle by H type screw 6 iconic locking, raised design can be used for polishing or matt modification effect. Screw down crown made from natural rubber coated molding, decorated with the screw shape from the end of the classic "H" - shaped logo, the two time the button is respectively arranged at two o'clock and four o'clock position. This watch is still reserved personality angular design and intelligent sandwich structure in the case design, while the strap attachment were optimized: the well-known industry "one click" switching function can allow the wearer to easily change different strap -- each watch is equipped with a diamond structure of natural rubber strap, the perfect match the whole watch. This watch also has the water 100 meters waterproof function.