Corum create Ti-Bridge 3-Day Power Reserve for Only Watch

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Corum created a unique Ti-Bridge 3-Day Power Reserve for "ONLY WATCH" charity auction, to support the organization Duxian Shi muscular dystrophy (Duchenne muscular dystrophy) is committed to research. While this unique watch, its 3-day power reserve display with linear presentation, case in titanium and red gold manufacturing, and in Greek mythology, the god of medicine Asclepius (Asclepius) and wrapped around him Dian's scepter symbolizing medicine snake sculpture for decoration, to commend the Monaco Association against muscular Dystrophy (Monaco Association against Muscular Dystrophy) contribution.
Corum Ti-Bridge 3-Day Power Reserve Watch fusion of aesthetics and top mechanical structure, equipped with the brand's patented elongated linear movement by four bracket, reflecting the brand's exquisite watchmaking skills. While this watch specifically for this auction will be redesigned to titanium and gold to create two different tone to 5 titanium case surface made of metal, filling the elegant and restrained, while the side is 5N 18K red gold manufacturing and decorated with three-dimensional sculpture, is a gorgeous watch adds. Two materials both to highlight the fashion sense, but a perfect match with the watch structure, fully demonstrated the imaginative design. Corum logo on the surface of Dian Dian hour markers hour and minute hands, and power reserve indicator are plated with red gold, and coal gray surface caused by contrast, so watch gift fashion taste.
The sculpture depicts a side of the case in Greek mythology, the god of medicine Asclepius, and wrapped in a snake on his scepter, and the serpentine pattern has also become a symbol of medicine today. Sculpture designed specifically for this event, metaphorical and commended ONLY WATCH success. So gorgeous intricate carvings, handmade in full, you need to rely on old technology and exquisite workmanship. Production process requires very precise carving craft, we must first create relief, and then outline the pattern profile, complete with chisel shape extremely fine line engraving, such as leaf veins and snakes and other fine scales on the site, so that every detail is perfect to show up, while the portrait of Asclepius also shape to life, so watch to become a stunning work of art. For carving patterns in the background, then carve through the tools and manpower to goad, creating a uniform matte texture effect coincides with shiny decorations, unique and apathy.
Titanium bridge three days power reserve watch equipped with CO107 movement, display Dian points, as well as a linear power reserve display. Movement with a group of satellite gear, along the side of the case from 9:00 to 3:00 position, you can admire its unique design, but these gears in the front of the watch is hidden, bring very different look for the watch . This complex structure, including a differential system, the system consists of three gears, one of the "eccentric planetary gear" will be at the direction of rotation around its own axis or two gears, connected to the space so as to minimize Dian Crown winding drum axis and power reserve. This unique watch with a rubberized leather strap, and with two security buttons with titanium triple folding buckle.
While titanium bridge three days power reserve corum replica watch will vary ONLY WATCH on September 6, 2013 world tour began in the exhibition, tour stops including Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai Dian Dian Beijing New York and Geneva and, finally, 25 to 28 September of the Monaco Yacht Show. Auction will be at 11:00 on September 28 in France and Monaco Hotel Hermitage (Hermitage Hotel) within the Salon Belle Epoque exhibition was held.