Breitling flagship store celebrate the crazy Christmas day's com

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Snowflakes, streamer Phantom, romantic sight, to celebrate the fantastic Christmas day's coming, Switzerland's top independent watch brand Breitling invite you to experience the crazy Christmas season together with Breitling replica sexy girl, and decorating Breitling flagship store Christmas theme window, DEDECATES extreme bright the festive atmosphere, but also provide distinctive Christmas thank presents. The upcoming Christmas holiday makes December atmosphere more rich, Breitling flagship store 2013 Christmas window to the unique brand characteristics decor dazzling debut. Snow falling slowly, the melody played briskly, painting beautiful vintage aircraft into the sky, sexy hot girls are a Breitling red Christmas dress, whisk the first smile, warm welcome. The new Christmas theme decorated table cabinet, an aircraft-like over the lush pine, a fast jet flying in the cold snowy night, among the many masterpieces on display which Breitling wrist, Yu added glitz. Strong colors, bold style, exaggerated composition, ubiquitous flight elements, Breitling build a new flagship store in the whole Christmas decorations highlight the eclectic modern fashion. When you rush it from the side and out of date, it may be stopped, the common feeling Breitling unique brand of charm. Breitling carefully crafted illusion of snow country, Breitling diamond series limited edition watch is contrast to the extreme bright light, a perfect present unparalleled fantasy carnival. Breitling Chronomat 41 Diamondworks with a unique design and materials showing a graceful gesture, memorable. Brilliant diamond embellishment just right on top of stainless steel case and white dial, like the vast wilderness of the winter falling snow glistening in the confusion between the wrist, with the most gorgeous luxurious beauty engraved most precious "core" moving time. Breitling Transocean Chronograph Diamondworks and Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38 Red Gold Diamondworks ladies watch accurate records on the long journey into minutes and seconds elapsed. Dial reflects the attractive sky blue, bright dazzling diamond reflects light, and the classic 18K gold engraved "B" word identification Brilliance, unique and exclusive witnessed share memories. Diamond embellishment make Breitling for Bentley GMT White Diamondworks more extreme and moving. Stainless steel case with white dial and diamond ice white GMT World Time rubber strap, watch as the entire section originated from the ice among the pure Debu provoke a trace of dust, the more speed speeding Zoran superior peerless youth.