Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT for traverlling over the world

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Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT Chronograph, new 44 mm diameter which perfectly fit all wrists, equipped with exceptional excellence Breitling diy04 movement, to become the exclusive watch unparalleled travelers. To conquer the world, departed from the wrist.
The greatest feature of Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT Chronograph is that it can also provide three time-zone: Central pointer to 12-hour indication home time, the red triangle tip-clockwise in 24-hour format, indicating the second time zone; engraved with 24 hour digital scale bidirectional rotating bezel provides third time zone read. Powered by the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC) Breitling diy04 movement, bring the wearer to experience unprecedented convenience and perfect performance. Meanwhile, watch the financial strength and elegance Association original design, but also gives it extraordinary charm: crafted rotating bezel, elaborate inlay engraved with exclusive numerals, polished very fine appearance. Fortitude tough lines, strong-willed as a traveler, travels without fear every corner of the world; precision extraordinary features, like a wise and intelligent and wise, to explore the unknown with you to enjoy the fun. This is undoubtedly a traveler's ultimate dream - one can travel around the world, accompanied by Pierre timepieces.
For people who traveling around the world to contact with "World", BREITLING launched Transocean Chronograph Unitime - one of "World Time Zones" (worldtimer) and timing functions rolled into one senior complex mechanical timepieces Pierre, bringing first class luxury like appearance and comfort.
Diy05 movement by carrying Breitling, Breitling revolutionized the world famous mechanical device time zone, together with the extremely simple and convenient adjustment system. Wearer simply pull out the crown, forward or backward rotation, you can enjoy ballet-like fantasy adjust - quickly and easily adjust the center pointer (ie local time), but you can always instantly read 24 time zones , convenient experience unprecedented, this is the dream of every traveler pursued. Meanwhile, with beautiful make-lun of the world public opinion charts plate, modern simple lines, as well as details of the tireless pursuit of quality, Breitling Transocean Chronograph World Time perfect combination of innovative technology and modern aesthetics, is not only a world traveler's heart meter section, it is the pursuit of luxury precision mechanical wrist watch people love.
As a veritable trip watches, BREITLING Navitimer World watch is not only the most trusted pilots wrist partner, but also has a very clear dual time zone display, always ready to take off, Yi Yong fearless Windrider heroic world enjoy flying with you. With the famous circular slide rule Replica Breitling navitimer world can watch the various required for flight operations, extraordinary precision. More on this basis, adds dual time zone display, center of the dial clockwise increases a red tip, with 24-hour scale shows another planet really a time, and indicates the appropriate time zone, day or night. 46 mm table diameter extraordinary atmosphere, while maintaining excellent wearing comfort. Bottom of the table engraved with the world's major cities time zone division, will travel to play extremely spiritual.