Breguet TRADITION series introduction

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Breguet TRADITION series currently has watches bleow, 7027, 7037, 7047, 7057, 7067. I believe in the next few years there will be 7077, 7087 released. Today we talk about Breguet TRADITION series from the function, design, price and trend on the simple summary. Breguet TRADITION series started from a customized watch , silver watchcase decorated with Phnom Penh, diameter 62 mm, silver dial, a solar calendar and the French Republican Calendar function. A lot of information can be found in the pocket watch in March 9, 1801 the price of 1200 francs to Mr. Falzety. In 2005 Breguet launched the first TRADITION series 7027 watch, from the design can run in the same groove and the pocket watch, because this is a homage to the classical launched watches, many other brands have also launched their own brand engraved version many, Let's start from the first TRADITION series 7027 watch. From the function, besides the display watch outside, breguet TRADITION 7027 also has the double energy display device. The design retains the basic structure of antique watches, above all on the dial wheel structure, mid barrel, two round, round and four round of neatly arranged in a box wheel below, huge balance has become a major feature of the series. Parachute suspension design, hard shock absorber is also our popular saying. This watch's launch has special significance to the Breguet, also can be said to be the most important Easter symbol Breguet Breguet, so decided to make Tradition into a rich product line, also became 70X7 watch. This watch's domestic price is 205000 yuan, I think this is a very cost-effective, because the spirit of TRADITION is mainly to commemorate the Breguet master PARE CHUTE shock absorber design, box spring and veliger streamlined design, gilded beauty, these considerations can be completely satisfied the 7027. 7027 in addition to the wrist watch another 18K platinum, 18K gold options. In 2006 Breguet replica launched the 7037 watches, 7037 relative to the 7027 some changes in function, was first introduced by manual winding movement changed into automatic winding machine, used as an anchor automatic design, and the kinetic energy reserves double-sided display into a reversible jump small second hand design, so you can see the mechanical travel time the whole situation from the drive train Watch positive, rather than power reserve display more vivid pleasure, watch from the exterior design has not changed much, the continuation of the classic elements before, using bimetallic balance 4 screws, and shock-absorbing still adopt the "parachute" shock absorbers, functional and ornamental superb. From the 37 mm diameter increased to 38 mm, thickness from 11.8 mm to 12.2 mm. When it comes to the TRADITION series the most well-known is the 7047 in a series of sesame chain Tourbillon watch, in 2007, Breguet launched its famous 7047 sesame chain Tourbillon watch, in this first give us that price, the platinum sesame chain Tourbillon watch domestic price is 1498900 yuan, compared to the 7027 the price of your six or seven times, the light from the price should be able to know sesame chain Tourbillon fine expensive. Sesame chain of your watch is can guarantee the dynamic uniform output, when the spring is the most compact, the most powerful time for output, will promote a pagoda wheel upper arm minimum wheels; a loose, small output torque, can promote the largest pagoda wheel arm at the lower end of the big wheel, just as variable speed bicycle, high speed gear chain wheel axle hung, hung low gear when the rear wheel axle wheel, speed switch, ensure stable and uniform. From the function, except sesame chain Tourbillon watch has a complex, will also power reserve display placed in the spring box. From the design of the front 2 dial watch the twelve o'clock position to the seven o'clock position, escapement from four o'clock to one o'clock position mobile, a spring box center also moved to watch the nine o'clock position, the light from the appearance we can distinguish easily 7047 and in front of the 2 watches. The platinum paragraph 7047 is said to be the only one with siliceous Breguet hairspring type, and also the use of titanium this lightweight and extremely hard materials balance, and Tourbillon framework, which add up to only 0.25 grams, 7047 have demonstrated technology complex, is a leader in Tradition series. The other watches and gold options. The Breguet TRADITION series, the most influential watch is the 7047 sesame chain Tourbillon watches, the most difficult is the Breguet TRADITION 7047 sesame chain Tourbillon watch, if not to say what price the most worth to buy, I think 7027 watches, above mentioned, the spirit of TRADITION is mainly to commemorate the Breguet master PARE CHUTE shock absorber design, box spring and veliger streamlined design, gilded beauty, meet these affirmed the cheaper the price is high, the only drawback is not in conformity with the now large watch size tidal flow, watch diameter of only 37 mm.