Breguet Heritage Series Reviewing at World Cup 2014

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Breguet replica watch is interested by the Royal, the French king Louis Jula and Queen Marie Chi are respected. Balzac, Pushkin, Alexandre Dumas, Hugo and other writers' works are also mentioned breguet. The queen of England, Vitoria and British Prime Minister Churchill and other celebrities are Breguet customers. Now, the Swiss Breguet belong to Swatch group, more and more people understand Breguet, even love. Here, I will treasure Breguet fans a classic series. The official model: 5157BB/11/9V6 Breguet has been the most important Swiss watch synonymous for all these years, in recent years, after the reorganization of the company. In 1747, Breguet was born in Swiss, he spent most of his time in Paris, life and create a lot of great invention, he is active in each category in the watch industry, a series of breakthrough made his career continued to climb to the highest summit, such as the improvement of automatic table, the clock spring for shock absorber, and etc. The men's heritage series with arc resistant sapphire crystal mirror, inside the anti reflective treatment. Dial without excessive function display, very simple. Rome graduated with a retro style, although the Breguet not calligrapher, but the design of the ancient Rome digital character is elegant and practical, to show its Breguet style. In the past two centuries, Breguet has been used the brand founder created with hollow eccentric "Moon" tip of the famous pointer, this watch is take the blue hollow eccentric pointer slender, bit by bit rotation moment show elegance. Breguet logo inlaid carved at the twelve o'clock position, scale uniform and plump, 38 mm dial generous and full of visual space. For the love of concise, any function are redundant, so the watch dial with chronograph function. We usually see the watch dial, the most easy to give a visual impression, each big brand also as far as possible in the dial on the style and characteristics of their own reflection of the brand, Breguet is no exception. An important detail in this table is the dial is not smooth, dial engraved with manual texture, embody the tabulation masters of the delicate and careful. From the side view, this watch is not beautiful. The men's watch crown also agree with the overall style, fine and compact, with Breguet logo. The watchcase silver engraved with uniform and fine texture, show subtle modification details Breguet timing. With the corrugated box is also one of the characteristics of French table, highlighting the brand style of the one and only, although there are a lot of brands to imitate the process, but is unable to copy the Breguet details, 18K platinum watchcase make this watch on your wrist and noble attitude. This watch is 5.4 mm thick, looks very slim, but you certainly do not have to worry about its quality. Lugs welded on the watch frame, ensure durable, link watch case and strap, the strap can be flexible, at the same time the block watch more beautiful. In addition, eyelet chain rod must be accurate drilling system, to ensure that the case has high waterproof performance. Breguet heritage replica series with Cal.502.3 movement, sapphire crystal cover, the bottom of the table decoration is very beautiful, from cutting to the movement of grinding is very delicate. This watch is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. Preparing another gold styles, number 5157BA/11/9V6