2014 Breitling Colt SuperQuartz Watches introduce.

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Breitling have releasesed a tweaked collection of Colt watches in four versions that include a women's model, a chronograph, and two three-handers. If you don't know, the Colt has been one of Breitling's most entry-level models representing an accessible way of getting into the brand's military-inspired sport watch theme. These new Breitling Colt watches have more Breitling DNA than ever, and there are some things to consider when looking at the new collection. I especially want to discuss the important topic of high-end quartz watches.
Often times watch lovers accuse Breitling watches are looking too similar to one another. True enough, it often requires a particular expertise to distinguish one Breitling watch from another - but of course that doesn't apply to all models. If anything, Breitling has banked on that fact with the Colt, as it incorporates so many elements of Breitling design DNA into a single basic design. This is a significant change from the previous generation Breitling Colt collection that attempted to be a bit more edgy and modern. For the 2104 Breitling Colt watches, Breitling has certainly returned to what has helped make the company so popular.
Now lets' introduce the Breitling Colt Caliber 73 SuperQuartz Chronograph .
The 2014 Breitling Colt Caliber 73 SuperQuartz Chronograph doesn’t even try to destroy the competition. With its classic massive body, easy-to-grip unidirectional rotating bezel and traditional high-contrast dial, the new timepiece simply delivers in a single, relatively affordable package everything you ever wanted from a Breitling, but never were quite ready to pull the trigger on their more expensive models. Powered by a COSC-certified version of a well-known quartz mechanism, the device won’t stun you with the same level of craftsmanship as an automatic mechanism decorated by a skilled hand of artisan, but instead will offer you an almost unrivalled level of precision and dependability.
As Breitling tactfully hints in its press release that accompanied the launch of the 2014 Colt Collection, the original timepiece had been originally developed as a true “military” watch. It was the model’s overall success of a more or less affordable, entry-level Breitling that the device has finally become a luxurious accessory. Indeed, packing the brand’s core DNA into its mildly oversized body and offered at relatively low price, the watch was destined for success.
2014 Breitling Colt SuperQuartz Watches While it is still powered by the same well-known Caliber 73 thermo-compensated quartz (Breitling prefers to call it SuperQuartz for its dramatically increased accuracy compared to other, less expensive quartz mechanisms) chronograph, which is based on ETA Thermoline 251.232 caliber, the watch comes in a slightly different body. As usual for the Swiss brand, that clearly prefers evolutionary changes to chaotic fluctuations that many of its competitors are known for, there are only minor differences here and there that nevertheless make this watch feel fresh.